Past teams

The inaugural 2018 Australian EGMO Team

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang:

Alice (Xinyue) Zhang is a mathematically engaged young woman in her final year at A.B. Paterson College on the Gold Coast.

Alice’s interest in mathematics was initially sparked when she discovered the rules and patterns behind logic puzzles could be applied to problem-solving mathematical equations. Along with her passion for mathematics, she also enjoys playing the piano, composing music and reading books.

When asked about her hopes for the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) Alice responded, ’I am looking forward to going to new places, meeting mathematicians from around the world and enjoying challenging problems’.

Upon completion of high school, Alice aims to study theoretical physics and become a physics researcher.

Australian Mathematics Trust Awards:

  • Australian Mathematics Competition: High Distinction 2014, Prize 2016, Prize 2017


Grace He

Grace He:

Grace He is a year 10 student at Methodist Ladies’ College in Melbourne and she has always had a keen eye for mathematics.

Grace is fascinated by numbers, especially when looking for patterns and sequences. For recreation, she also enjoys playing badminton, table tennis, coding and reading.

In 2017 Grace was awarded the Australian Mathematics Trust’s inaugural Cheryl Praeger Medal for Victoria, given to top performing girls in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC).

The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) offers an exciting new experience for Grace, where she will be travelling to an unfamiliar country and meeting different people with similar mathematical interests.

Australian Mathematics Trust Awards:

  • Australian Mathematics Competition: Prize 2015,  Medal 2016, Medal 2017
  • Australian Mathematics Competition: 2017 Cheryl Praeger Award for Victoria
  • Computational and Algorithmic Thinking competition; High Distinction 2016, 2017


Ellen Zheng

Ellen  Zheng:

Ellen (Tianyue) Zheng is in year 12 at Smith’s Hill High School in Wollongong.

Ellen discovered her true passion for mathematics when she attended an Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee’s (AMOC) training school, facilitated by the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT). It was here that for the first time she realised there was much more to maths than that taught in school.

Away from study, Ellen enjoys experimenting with a diverse range of activities including, but not limited to, speedcubing, yo-yoing, sketching, ice-skating, and like many people, she loves re-reading a good book.

As a member of the inaugural European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) team, she is excited to have the opportunity to solve geometry problems and explore Florence.

Australian Mathematics Trust Awards:

  • Australian Mathematics Competition: High Distinction 2015, Prize 2014, Prize 2016, Prize 2017


Yifan Guo

Yifan Guo:

Yifan Guo attends school at Glen Waverley Secondary College in Melbourne, where she is in her final year.

Her mathematical interest started at an early age. In primary school, her homework sheets included an additional interesting puzzle at the end. Yifan said, ‘I absolutely love that feeling of being confused and fascinated by a problem, while my brain is working hard trying to get my head around it … solving a problem often requires us to think outside the box and see the hidden connections that we often don’t see straight away, which I found to be a very exciting and satisfying experience’.

Along with mathematics, Yifan loves music and playing the violin: she is the Music Captain at Glen Waverley Secondary College for 2018. She is very passionate about volunteering and enjoys getting involved in different clubs, receiving the school’s Community Spirit and Leadership Award last year. During her free time, Yifan also likes to read books, including on philosophy as ‘they are always very mind-blowing and offer me another perspective to our world’.

At the European Girls Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO), she is looking forward to working on the mathematical problems, meeting like-minded people from other countries who also share a passion for maths and spending great time with her teammates.

Yifan hopes one day to pursue a career where her interests in mathematics can be used to help others.

Australian Mathematics Trust Awards:

  • Australian Mathematics Competition: Prize 2016, High Distinction 2017
  • Computational and Algorithmic Thinking : Distinction 2016, 2017
  • Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (MCYA) – Challenge stage: High Distinction 2016


Photos: L-R
Head of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Sydney and Australian Mathematics Trust board member, Professor Jacqui Ramagge

Australian Mathematics Trust board member and Chair of the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee, University of Western Australia Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger AM

EGMO team member,  EGMO team leaders Michelle Chen and Thanom Shaw