Day 3 – Contest Day 1

The morning was taken up by the Day 1 exam (8:30am to 1pm). If you want to try your hand at them, here they are!

In the afternoon, while Michelle and Thanom pored over the girls’ papers (though they didn’t become available till 17:30, allowing time for a much-needed nap, given the leaders’ meeting finished at 23:00 the previous night), Sally and the girls went to see the Duomo. It is said that that when Michelangelo left Florence to work on St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, he said, ‘I go to build a bigger dome, but not a fairer one’.

We climbed over 460 steps to the Campanile (bell tower), 84.7m tall, and were rewarded with magnificent views over Florence. It was good to stretch our legs after a sedentary morning! (And balance out the physical activity with some gelato afterwards – yum!)



We also went to the Museum attached to the Duomo, where Alice was enthralled by yet another finger on display (something the Italians like to do?!).

And now to bed, Contest Day 2 awaits…


Day 2 – Opening Ceremony

After breakfast, the foyer of our hotel was abuzz with all the teams and guides, as we prepared to walk into town to the EGMO Opening Ceremony, at Teatro Verdi (a beautiful old theatre, named after the composer Giuseppe Verdi). We were ushered to special seats (the leaders in the dress circle, I (the observer) in a box and the others (deputy, students and guide) in the stalls.

Like in the Olympics (and the IMO), it is always so exciting to watch the parade of contestants, representing so many countries from all over the world, coming together for one purpose – the love of doing mathematics!

Here is the Australian team, walking on from stage left (first photo) and then on stage (second photo).


The organisers then answered some very important questions…


Finally, the leaders got their own parade, too! Can you spot someone familiar?


A nice team photo after the ceremony:


The afternoon was spent on a treasure hunt for those who had the energy; the rest of us had some downtime, battled the Italian museum booking system and worked on some maths problems to get our heads into gear for tomorrow.

Final pep talk from Thanom, and the girls are off for an early night… all ready for tomorrow (exam day 1)!