Day 5 – Excursion & Coordination

Written by the EGMO team:

Exams are all over, and the EGMO team enjoyed their first day of freedom today exploring the cities of Pisa and Lucca with the rest of the contestants.

After a 1.5 hour bus trip, during which Ellen sneaked in some language practice speaking to the Japanese team,


we arrived at the legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa.


And guess what we did? We koala-ed the tower, plus several other unsuspecting victims!


We stopped for lunch at a pizzeria where we had some delicious Pisa – sorry, *pizza – before jumping back on the bus and heading for Lucca.

Lucca was the birthplace of the great composer, Puccini, and the writer of Pinocchio was born near there. The town was filled with beautiful architecture and historical buildings dating back to the Roman times, and it was awesome seeing stones laid thousands of years ago. We also saw a beautiful cathedral without a ceiling – talk about bad budget planning!


Of course, we didn’t forget to squeeze in some time in between to buy some cute little souvenirs ;D

All this said, peace did not come so easily throughout the day. Our competition scores were released question by question as coordination happened, and our Observer and guide did not hesitate to update (haunt) us with our performance. It certainly provided an … exciting touch to our otherwise peaceful trip!

Meanwhile back at the hotel, our Team Leader and Deputy Leader worked tirelessly to coordinate our marks, putting up quite a fight to get one of the scripts a 7 for problem 4. Finally, sometime after 1 am, they got that 7.