Day 4 – Contest Day 2

Another day, another exam full of super fun problems to tackle:

After lunch we all walked into the centre of Florence and Sally, Matteo, and the team spent the afternoon at Galleria dell’Accademia visiting David.


Michelle and Thanom had to get back to the hotel to collect and mark the papers from the day, but not until they stopped for some gelati, impressively presented and complete with macarons on top.


Finally in the evening, with the contest days over, we were able to enjoy the recreation room. Eventually all 8 of us were there (including Matteo) and Sally and Thanom, were able to introduce the youngins to the card game Gluck. Turns out it’s not so easy to play this crazy fast 4 by 2 player version of solitaire not having played solitaire much before. And it was certainly hard for Grace simply to hold the Gluck pile with little power to do anything but give instructions to her partner. Thankfully Alice managed to survive the wrath of Grace and live to play another game.

Rec Room

Day 5 will be an all-day excursion for Sally, Matteo, and the Team to Pisa and Lucca.

And for Thanom and Michelle, coordination will start at 8:40am. Here’s a link to the official scoreboard which will continually be updated throughout the day:

Go Team Australia!