And we’re off …

It turned out to be pretty easy to fill a whole Saturday before our flight scheduled at 9pm.

After learning a little Italian from our waiter at breakfast, we went on our own walking tour of Sydney to get a bit of fresh air and exercise before our long haul flight.

Photo 7-4-18, 10 53 58 am

We also had plenty of time to buy clip on koalas for spreading some Aussie love at EGMO and to think about a mathematics problem or two over lunch. Michelle even whipped up solutions to a couple of Code Jam problems before we took off.


Our newly found team mascots, Fermat’s Last Theorem and Fermat’s Little Theorem (Fermat and Fermi for short), enjoyed going through immigration and security at the airport and their first time on an A380.

Photo 7-4-18, 5 55 48 pm                 Photo 8-4-18 Fermat and Fermi flying to Rome

We did too, and we’re super excited to be only a plane trip, or two, and a train ride, away from Firenze and EGMO. See you on the other side of the world!

Photo 7-4-18, 2 33 06 pm